12 thoughts on “Backstrap Weaving by Laverne Waddington – A Gallery in Progress

  1. Your gallery is a vivid feast of colors and design, all woven with your delicate touch and keen eye for balance and proportion. Still surrounded by the snows of late winter, this warms my soul!

  2. maravilloso trabajo, ahora al ver todo lo que usted hace y ha investigado, siento que he perdido mi tiempo, ya que soy chilena, y después de 22 años fuera de Chile, he venido a descubrir lo hermoso del tela (witral). Pero más ¡vale tarde que nunca!.

  3. Esta Galería está muy especial que maravilla que se refleja toda una gama de una imaginación creadora. La felicito por defender la cultura de nuestros Ancestros que son pocos los que llevan esta Tradición .

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  5. Thanks for sharing your incredible work, There is a short 2 day backstrap workshop in Arroyo Seco near Taos at the same time as the Taos Wool Festival. Unfortunately, I cannot attend. then I found your site and I am going to construct my loom and get started soon. So, I will be following you and hopefully weaving soon. Thanks, Laurie

  6. Amazing and also you do not forget those who gave you inspiration. Tradition and creativity ! i have a great admiration for you, you are an artist.

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